About Us

Establised in 1999, CoinOpSolutions has grown to become the largest seller and operator of crane machines in Australia today.


CoinOpSolutions strives to have a happy and satisfied customer base.

We provide technical assistance to our customer base with a customer service team that will endeavour to provide a solution.

At CoinOpSolutions we physically stock a full inventory of  Spare Parts for the machines that we distribute.

Backing up and supporting all of our machines with the right Spare Parts is equally as important to us.


CoinOpSolutions is the largest crane machine operator in Australia.

Long term contracts with national retail and hospitality organisations.
Modern exclusive machine models.
Most up to date and exclusive merchandise.
Unique in house route software.
Concise, transparent and accurate reporting.
National field support.


Spare parts
Amusement crane machine

We offer promotional price discounts/schemes to generate sales and customer retention.

Provide the latest stock and products by meeting customers expectations.
Effective marketing programmes.
Finance to approved applicants


Ongoing development and support around the globe.

International affiliations and exclusive supply agreements for Australia.

Volume purchases for prizes with import indent programs.

Exclusive supply arrangements for the most desirable machines in the market today.

Business Development


CoinOpSolutions mission is to consistently find new strategic business opportunities.

Building and maintaining strong relationships and developing strategic alliances between our suppliers, customers, partners, and franchisees.

Products & Machines

Consistently through innovation and alliances introduce new products relative to our machines and products to remain the industry leaders.


Through our sister company KoalaKrane we offer a well-established, secure and successful business franchise opportunity.


Has exclusive and/or favourable distribution arrangements for the most sought after product lines in the market.

Stock consolidation purely for crane machines.

Strength of product development and exclusivity.

Preferential supply arrangements locally.

Australia wide established distribution network and support.

Our Story

Established in 1999, CoinOpSolutions has grown to become the largest seller and operator of crane machines in Australia today.

CoinOpSolutions is the result of collaboration between Mark Robins and Lindsay Clark after they came across a business opportunity in 1999 to purchase a crane machine at the back of a 24 hour take away shop in Perth. It quickly became evident that the machine performed consistently and that the payback expectations were realistic and more machines were purchased and business started to flourish.

In 2001 CoinOpSolutions was formally established as was the strong association with the Taiwanese machine supplier and securing exclusivity for Australia which still exists today.

In 2006 Mark moved to Melbourne, CoinOpSolutions soon became a dominant supplier of crane machines to the amusement machine industry and at the same time pursued national crane machine service contracts with the major shopping centre groups.

In 2008 Michael Jarjoura joined CoinOpSolutions and with his commercial expertise has been instrumental in achieving long term national contracts with the major shopping centre groups and listed industrial groups. CoinOpSolutions now operates over 800 crane machines across Australia, located in secure high profile locations.

In 2009 Koalakrane was founded in Australia emulating the successful Kiwikrane crane franchise business model in New Zealand. CoinOpSolutions infrastructure and national presence was able to swiftly support and assist in establishing the Koalakrane franchise business.

In 2010 CoinOpSolutions expanded into sourcing their own products for the machines and through signing of substantial supply agreements made the desirability of the business increase substantially.

In 2011 the Prize Depot machine was developed to meet the requests of various shopping centre groups and has proven very successful.

In 2012 a new ERP system was implemented to streamline operations and to separate the business disciplines to allow greater focus on the various segments of Retail and Wholesale.

In 2013 the ‘World First’ Iron Claw machines was launched ‐ suitable for outside locations, this machine took 2 years of development and offers the flexibility of locations not available previously.

In 2014 CoinOpSolutions purchased a 50% share in Koalakrane and took over day to day management responsibilities for the Franchise. This now elevated CoinOpSolutions to having over 2200 crane machines under its umbrella.

With national distribution and operations, CoinOpSolutions is the preferred supplier/operator to several leisure businesses, Hotel/Pub chains and many major Shopping Centres.

Our in-depth grasp of the industry and the ability to maintain an ongoing range of exclusive and fresh machines through innovation sets us apart from the rest.