Still having second thoughts in starting up crane vending machine business? Let me gave you few ideas and a little background of the business.

Wikipedia says: “Crane machine is a type of arcade game known as a merchandiser, commonly found in video arcades, supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, and bowling alleys.”

Standard Claw MachineSo therefore, it’s a sure cash flow for the business with limited capital. It is placed in strategic and high traffic area. The more people visits, the more positive prospect customers/gamers.

Crane businesses offer an entrepreneurial opportunity that is profit making to operators who are willing to put their time and effort to be rewarding.

Getting a perfect place or establishment to put up the machine.

The location is the most important factor in the business.

Usually, before operating a business, business owners will scout a probable location and study the foot traffic on the peak and non-peak hours of the establishment. They will estimate the possible monthly profit potential for the crane machine including the rental fees or incentives, and other monthly expenses.

Finding the right crane machine for you.

Though it’s not difficult to find a crane machine, but it is difficult to find the right and available for a reasonable price.

Purchasing low price of a machine will make it possible to achieve the target maximum of profits on these businesses. Try to look in your local newspaper, online, social media ads for vending machine owner’s posts selling out different types and descriptions of machines.

The more machine you buy the lesser you will be paying.

So how’s this business works?

Movie Start Arcade MachinePrizes of the machine are usually provided by the machine supplier. Machine owners or suppliers has its specialized keys that are the advantage to take access to load up stocks to your machine. Fill each machine depending on your theme poster, and make sure the stocks look appealing and won’t get intertangled. Weekly check and test your crane machine to ensure they are functioning properly.

Therefore, it is your job to service the machine to make sure that they are stocked with the appropriate products/prizes.

Attracting gamer is easy but keeping repeat gamer is harder.

Most of your customers will be adults with kids, so your toys must be attractive to them like cute and different plush toys that you don’t normally find.

Be sure to take advantage of current events and movies by theming your prizes to your machine.

As they say, “Winners make players, as the best advertisement for any claw machine is seeing people win.”

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